Sellvana e-commerce platform enters crowded market

Open-source e-commerce platform launched by former Magento developer

The Sellvana e-commerce platform may be one of the newest entrants in the crowded e-commerce solutions market, but the company shot to prominence this week after announcing a $5 million seed round, raised from unnamed investors.

sellvana e-commerce platformLaunched in 2013, Sellvana’s co-founder Boris Gurvich is a veteran of eBay-owned Magento, Inc. (formerly Varien) and was lead architect and developer of the market-leading Magento e-commerce platform. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sellvana is currently a six-person team and will focus its attention on the small- to medium-sized business market.

“Modern e-commerce development requires faster, more flexible, more agile solutions,” Gurvich wrote on the company’s blog. He went on to state that the company’s open source e-commerce platform is based on a PHP Framework Sellvana created, called Fulleron.

Gurvich explained that no existing development framework would meet the goals for the Sellvana e-commerce platform. Instead, the  company’s framework was designed with the optimal balance of flexibility, simplicity, and power necessary to support their objectives.

“In order to ensure freedom of innovation and progress for Sellvana, we did not want to depend on a third party framework. We want to retain full control over the whole app stack for years to come. Having full control over the underlying framework allows for the best possible integration with Sellvana’s core functionality,” wrote Gurvich.

Sellvana claims many advantages for its e-commerce platform, including faster web site development, robust security, a rich feature set for merchants, support for responsive design, integrated SEO capabilities, and high overall performance, even with large product databases.

The company’s chief financial officer Felix Machlis thinks they have a winning idea. “We see an opportunity for a better-performing e-commerce platform,” Machlis told VentureBeat. “There is a revolution in e-commerce open-source software. Sellvana is easy to use, and learn.”

According to VentureBeat, Gurvich and  Machlis said that a number of mid-range e-commerce sites are already successfully running the Sellvana e-commerce platform. The company’s web site invites interested developers and merchants to apply for access.

ZeroLag is currently developing a Sellvana hosting environment for testing purposes and welcomes inquiries from merchants or developers who are interested in exploring the capabilities of this new platform.