10.26.15 Network Outage

On 10/26/2015, ZeroLag experienced a technical issue that effected some of our clients. While this issue impacted a limited number of clients, we are communicating transparently about this matter, as we do not want any current or prospective client to lose faith in our ability to deliver enterprise-level white-glove service. In the case of this outage, the technical issue also exposed a business issue. Both were already being addressed, but have since been made top priorities.

Technical issue


  • Network switch failed and started a spanning tree loop on one of ZeroLag’s networks


  • ZeroLag has purchased, and is in the process of upgrading all legacy switches with new, more capable Juniper Networks switches
  • ZeroLag has added and will continue to bring new DNS Servers online for enhanced redundancy

Business issue


  • Help desk phone circuits were overloaded during the outage. ZeroLag has grown substantially over the past year and while the growth is positive for all as it means ZeroLag has staying power, it occasionally causes challenges


  • ZeroLag was in the process of selecting a new phone system provider to help accommodate surges in call volume. ZeroLag has made this effort a top priority and we expect to have the new provider in place in early November.

ZeroLag values our clients and considers client satisfaction to be the ultimate metric of performance. We recognize this issue may have caused some of our clients challenges, and we apologize for any negative impacts you may have experienced. ZeroLag has taken steps, as indicated above, to prevent this issue from occurring again. Should you ever need to contact ZeroLag please feel free to call us at 877-ZERO-LAG (937-6524). Our executive team can also be reached by email as follows:

CEO, Greg Strelzoff: greg.strelzoff@zerolag.com
CTO, Alex Dunn: alex.dunn@zerolag.com
VP of Magento Sales: aaron.koch@zerolag.com