What are the best servers for your business needs?

Evaluating business needs determines best server configuration

Choosing the best servers for your company’s needs can be a daunting task. Most businesses on the hunt for more server capacity and support are in the process of expanding, so they have to plan for future demands as well as current needs. There are many options out there, and every business must determine the best server solution for its unique needs. Let’s take a look at three of the most common server options: managed dedicated servers, shared server hosting, and colocation. Read more

Magento shared hosting performance helps etailers compete

Smaller online merchants benefit from Magento shared hosting performance

Magento shared hosting performance is optimal for smaller companies on the fast track to success. In today’s e-commerce landscape, speed, reliability, and engagement are key drivers to e-commerce success with a demanding digital consumer base. Seemingly small aspects of the user experience – a fraction of a second of page loading speed, a streamlined checkout process, or a relevant cross-selling promotion – can speak volumes to the consumer about a merchant’s ability to deliver a smart and satisfying online shopping experience. Magento is a proven platform to build on, and Magento shared hosting performance enables companies to get the most out of a modest e-commerce budget. Read more

Shared hosting helps companies build online brands

Strategic benefits of online presence delivered by shared hosting services

Shared hosting services are ideal for organizations that want to build their brand online with a minimum of expense and IT management workload. Many start-up and smaller organizations simply do not need dedicated servers and other sophisticated infrastructure required by larger organizations. The Internet, however, democratizes content and gives smaller companies opportunities to gain an equal footing never before possible. Where large and small organizations’ needs are similar is the requirement for reliable hosting services. A business-class shared hosting solution offers dependable support for web sites and other web applications on a modest budget. Read more

Business web hosting: what you need to know

Learn more about business web hosting terminology and what it means to you

Business web hosting is a necessity. It’s nearly impossible for a business to acquire success without at least some type of web hosting environment in today’s tech-inspired world. Just as designing a commercial website can take a good amount of time and planning, selecting the right business web hosting solution also demands careful consideration. Read more

What’s the best hosting plan for your business?

Current and future business needs guide selection of best hosting plan

Finding the best hosting plan for your business needs is more than just a matter of following the herd. There are a wide variety of hosting options available, and what’s ideal for one company can be very different than what’s right for another company’s needs. A top hosting provider will work with you to find the best hosting plan for your business by customizing services to suit your needs, rather than trying to slot you into a one-size-fits-all “package.” Read more