Web hosting reviews: a buyer’s guide

Proceed with caution - not all web hosting reviews are legitimate

Web hosting reviews add another wrinkle to the already complex process of evaluating a web hosting provider. Visiting online review sites is likely on your check list, especially if you aren’t sure which vendors and/or types of services are the best fit for your company’s needs. While online reviews have the potential to provide useful information, it’s important to discern which reviews are reliable. Unfortunately, many reviews are less than genuine in their content and advice. Knowing how to differentiate legitimate web hosting reviews from fake or misleading information is imperative to making an informed decision. Read more

Managed Linux hosting: 3 questions to consider

Application requirements, ROI among considerations for managed Linux hosting

Managed Linux hosting may not be on the radar of businesses that concentrate more on front-end priorities, but changing technology requirements are making a reliable Linux hosting platform a necessity for more and more organizations. The benefits of managed Linux hosting range from a more cost-effective, worry-free hosting solution, to enhanced security against continually evolving cyber threats. Here are three questions companies should keep in mind when evaluating prospective managed Linux hosting providers. Read more

Secure web hosting: why it matters

Cyber threats, risk of data breaches addressed by secure web hosting

Secure web hosting isn’t as easy to find as it may sound, but by doing proper research, organizations can save themselves a world of headaches. Many considerations factor into selecting a hosting provider, but comprehensive protection should be at the top of the list. Without proper security, data and applications are just one malicious click away from collapse. Grappling with a constantly evolving threat landscape is difficult and expensive work, so it’s easy to understand why companies are increasingly migrating web applications and data from on-premises hosting to secure web hosting providers. Read more

Fully managed website hosting: 3 reasons

Fully managed website hosting viable alternative to on-premises hosting

Fully managed website hosting enables organizations of all sizes and stripes to reduce IT complexity and enhance systems security. A reliable, secure, and high-performance website has become increasingly mission-critical for many businesses, whether they conduct e-commerce or not. Continual and proactive expert support is necessary to achieve these goals. Fully managed website hosting is a cost-effective solution and an alternative to traditional on-premises hosting strategies. Here are three reasons why: Read more

Fast Drupal hosting: 3 reasons your business needs it

ROI of content management system maximized with fast Drupal hosting

Fast Drupal hosting services can help companies improve the returns on their investment in the popular content management system. Drupal, which recently announced that it is used to run more than 1 million websites around the globe, is known for its scalability and ease of use. The New York Stock Exchange, and more than 70 percent of the world’s top 100 universities rely on Drupal to keep their websites relevant and manageable.

Drupal’s open source framework helps organizations with little experience in web development and content management build extensive environments. A lack of know-how is no longer a barrier to a high performance web presence. However, IT, server, and network support can become a challenge for businesses with growing content management systems. It’s important to invest in a strong technological foundation to ensure website reliability. Fast Drupal hosting solutions offer support in spades. Read more