Secure managed hosting: 3 security features to look for in a managed hosting provider

Cyber attacks, physical threats addressed by secure managed hosting

Secure managed hosting offers a protective security perimeter for a business’s vital applications and data. Cyber attacks continue to rise in number and intensity, threatening the information technology foundations upon which modern businesses are built. As IT environments grow, the number of vulnerabilities through which hackers and other malicious agents can surreptitiously enter information infrastructure multiplies. But leading providers of secure managed hosting can help organizations shore up their defenses against these risks.  Read more

Managed servers: the art of problem-solving

Managed servers ensure performance, reliability, and security of IT infrastructure

Managed servers don’t just alleviate current problems for businesses – this critical solution can provide support in the face of issues still on the horizon. The pace and proliferation of enterprise storage and security needs continue to expand, and it’s inevitable that for many companies, on-site resources will not be sufficient to address all IT problems that arise. By investing in managed servers, organizations gain access to problem-solving solutions for server hardware, operating systems, networking and Internet connectivity, performance, reliability, security, and even compliance challenges, all of which are factors which can threaten the functionality of mission-critical applications and data. Read more

How to find the best web hosting for your company

Three factors to weigh when looking for the best web hosting for your business

Finding the best web hosting service for your company’s Internet presence can be a difficult task. It’s also one that it is often overlooked, as many small businesses direct intense focus on creating an engaging and aesthetically pleasing website, and assign a much lower priority to choosing the best web hosting. But this strategy can sabotage a company’s success, as even an impeccably designed web site will turn off potential customers if it performs slowly and/or isn’t reliable. Read more

Fully managed servers: 3 benefits for SMBs

SMBs choosing fully managed servers enjoy enterprise-grade benefits

Fully managed servers provide small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise-grade capabilities that would otherwise be outside their reach. In today’s data-driven business environment which is rife with advanced cyber threats, SMBs are often seen as targets of opportunity. They frequently lack the financial resources and specialized IT staff necessary to insulate themselves from security and continuity issues as effectively as larger organizations. Hackers are well aware of this disparity and are increasingly turning their attention to SMBs. Given increased pressure from threats specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses, fully managed servers are more relevant than ever, as a cost-effective way for SMBs to ensure their bottom lines are well protected from these cyber security threats. Read more

3 problems that managed site hosting solves

Why mission-critical web sites run better on managed site hosting

Managed site hosting helps companies make their most pressing web site performance problems a thing of the past. Today, customers often judge an organization by its web site — and as critics go they’re fairly demanding, with sky-high expectations for page load speed, responsiveness, and the online shopping and check-out process. At the same time, many companies grapple with the challenges of balancing back-end support for their web site against other important businesses initiatives which require IT involvement.

With managed site hosting, organizations can eliminate the root causes of poorly functioning web sites and ensure that their online presence functions as a point of competitive strength. Here’s a look at 3 common problems that can be solved by managed site hosting. Read more