Magento dedicated server solutions: compelling performance benefits for e-commerce sites

Magento dedicated server environments enable organizations to make the most of their investment in the popular e-commerce platform. Thanks to an abundance of rich and insightful data about the online shopping experience, e-commerce operators have keen awareness into the significant impact that small differences in site performance have on customer behavior and revenue generation. Even brief page load delays or performance hiccups can turn off customers and drive them away. Many leading e-tailers have discovered that a Magento dedicated server is the best solution for ensuring their site performs at its best.
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Magento hosting companies: what’s the difference?

Not all Magento hosting companies created equal; what to look for

Magento hosting companies come in many varieties, so it’s important to identify the best solution provider for your unique business needs. An e-commerce platform with Magento’s unprecedented success has led to a proliferation of hosting companies that offer support for Magento e-commerce sites. Read more

Magento hosting reviews: how to spot fake review sites

Affiliate program abuse leads to proliferation of fake Magento hosting reviews

Magento hosting reviews have the potential to be a valuable tool when shopping for Magento hosting. But unfortunately, many such reviews are fake and should not be trusted. These disingenuous reviews are a real and present risk when shopping for Magento hosting services. Many web sites which claim to offer hosting service reviews post fabricated Magento hosting reviews as a tactic for generating clicks on affiliate marketing links.

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E-commerce trends demand the fastest Magento hosting

Top e-tailers look to the fastest Magento hosting available for competitive edge

The fastest Magento hosting solutions offer unparalleled speed and support for even the most complex e-commerce environment. The primary shopping preference of consumers and business buyers is shifting from from brick and mortar outlets to online stores, creating opportunity for retailers in all categories to establish an online presence and grow their visibility. To succeed at e-commerce, companies need fast servers, adequate network bandwidth, and robust security. Investing in the fastest Magento hosting services enables businesses to make their mark at this critical time. Read more

Magento cloud hosting increases e-commerce flexibility

24/7 support, comprehensive security are benefits of Magento cloud hosting

Magento cloud hosting is key to developing a flexible e-commerce platform that can keep up with a transforming consumer landscape. According to eMarketer, global business to consumer e-commerce sales are projected to hit $1.5 trillion in 2014, a 20.1 percent increase over last year. Rapidly expanding consumer bases in emerging markets, the growing use of mobile devices to make purchases and online payment systems were forecasted to be main growth drivers.

Many companies invest in Magento in order to build powerful, aesthetically pleasing websites to attract new business and deliver an engaging customer experience. However, the rapid changes in today’s e-commerce environment mean that many of these companies need some extra support to take their business model to the next level. Magento cloud hosting services can deliver this adaptability in the form of dynamic server support, state-of-the-art management tools, and holistic security. Read more