How to select a Magento hosting provider: top 5 tips

The following is a guest post provided by Commerce Acceleration Group, a San Diego-based E-commerce Agency specializing in Magento design and development. 

There are a lot of moving pieces when a retailer decides to rebuild their website. On any given rebuild there could be up to fifteen outside vendors involved, providing services like re-targeting, custom reporting, CRM, Order Management software, and email marketing to name a few. Often a retailer’s ability to select the right vendors can make or break a project. At Commerce Acceleration Group we try to make what can be a stressful process as stress-free as possible. So we thought we’d stop bye the ZeroLag Blog today and share our top 5 considerations for picking a new Magento hosting provider. Read more

Managed e-commerce hosting helps merchants adapt to change

Managed e-commerce hosting is an essential component of an e-commerce strategy that’s built to last. In these changing times, many merchants are falling behind the curve, unable to keep up with rising consumer expectations, web site management concerns, and security issues. While a high-profile security breach or outage at a critical time could deal a crippling blow, a more common scenario is a slow or unstable web site that quietly drives away would-be customers on a daily basis. Instead, many savvy merchants opt for the services of an expert provider of managed e-commerce hosting. These specialized hosting companies supply cost-effective infrastructure, support, and tools to ensure optimal e-commerce site performance, reliability, and security. Read more

Magento e-commerce: who’s using it?

A closer look at Magento; the world's leading e-commerce platform

Magento e-commerce is one of the leading platforms for high-performance online store development, but many merchants still wonder if it’s right for them. As with virtually everything else in the tech industry these days, e-commerce platform development is a crowded field, with many software developers competing for users and trying to carve out a distinct space for their product in the marketplace. Merchants looking for a platform to facilitate cost-effective e-commerce site development and operation may not have the time or resources to conduct an exhaustive survey of all available options. That’s why they typically start with a short list of popular e-commerce platforms and quickly narrow down the candidates to one or two serious contenders. When conducting this type of comparison, it can be very helpful to examine how successful the target platforms have been at attracting and retaining merchants. Read more

Magento web hosting improves B2B e-commerce

Customizable infrastructure, IT support among benefits of Magento web hosting

Magento web hosting can play a vital role in the development of a robust B2B e-commerce platform. Although B2C retail gets most of the attention as consumers increasingly shop online, B2B e-commerce is growing in usage and importance. In many cases, B2B e-commerce can present more complexity than its B2C counterparts, while companies may have less experience engaging buyers and distributing their wares online. Magento web hosting can provide the infrastructure and IT support that enterprises need to make their B2B e-commerce efforts successful. Read more