What is business class web hosting?

Demanding functional requirements call for business class hosting solutions

Business class web hosting is essential for success in today’s competitive business climate. Customers, partners, and even internal staff expect online resources to be accessible 100% of the time, and always fast and responsive. Research shows that even a small delays in serving web pages can result in a measurable erosion of user satisfaction. Read more

Magento hosting providers – 5 things you need to know

Find out why not all Magento hosting providers are created equal

New Magento hosting providers seem to be popping up like daisies. It’s easy to understand why. Magento may be a relatively new e-commerce platform – development began in 2007 – but has already been adopted by more than 180,000 online stores. Even more impressively, Magento currently powers 20% of the top 100,000 web sites according to BuiltWith Trends.

magento hosting providersHosting providers see the opportunity in capturing a slice of the rapidly growing Magento market, and many hosting companies have rolled out Magento hosting packages as a result. But this trend poses a special challenge for e-tailers looking to launch new Magento stores or migrate existing ones. Read more

How to get the best Magento hosting plan

The best Magento hosting plan for your e-commerce business can be difficult to choose with so many plans and providers available. It can also be hard to understand why some plans cost several hundred dollars per month, while other providers claim to offer plans for as low as $25/mo.

As is often the case, when it comes to selecting the best Magento hosting plan, you get what you pay for. When comparing plans from different providers, the cost is only one consideration. Here are two important questions you should ask a hosting company before you sign up for a Magento hosting account: Read more

Shopped by the Competition

I mentioned in my last blog that ZeroLag recently became a Platinum Hosting Partner for Magento.  This has increased our visibility on the Magento website and has piqued the interest of both potential clients and our competition.  If you haven’t heard of “shopping the competition” it’s when one of your competitors calls you acting like a potential customer using fake or disingenuous credentials.  The goal in shopping the competition is to understand why their customers view them as a preferable source for the product they offer.  It’s usually done by smaller firms looking to get information on one of the leaders in the industry, such as ZeroLag.  In this case, the other web hosting company wanted to know what made ZeroLag’s service, performance, reliability and security the best in the business for optimizing Magento. Read more

ZeroLag to the Rescue: Magento Rescues

ZeroLag - Magento Platinum Hosting PartnerAs I sat at my desk thinking about what my very first Magento blog should be about many topics ran through my mind.  Obviously I am excited to announce that ZeroLag is a brand new Platinum Hosting Partner with Magento so maybe I should speak about that. Other topics that ran through my mind include the effects of various hardware and/or software configurations that optimize Magento.  Read more