Business email servers: hosting for extra security

As critical productivity tools, business email servers need strong protection

Business email servers demand high-level protection, which makes a hosted email solution perfect for enterprises of any size. As one of the foundational tools of virtually every business, email is also a prime candidate for security- and performance-related problems. Both internal and external threats can compromise the integrity of a company’s email network, and the nature of this interconnected program can make it easy for an issue to spread. Email issues can cause problems within the business and expand outward, hitting clients and customers. Comprehensive, always-on protection of business email servers is imperative, and a hosted email environment can keep company messaging systems safe, secure and functioning smoothly. Read more

Shared Exchange hosting supports BYOD workplaces

Mobile device users get productivity benefits from shared Exchange hosting

Shared Exchange hosting provides extra layers of security and performance support for today’s mobile-centric enterprise environments. The rise of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon creates an array of new opportunities, but the scope of managing BYOD is often difficult for IT and enterprise security personnel. Read more

Managed Exchange hosting: compelling benefits for SMBs

Hosted Exchange trims IT costs, provides greater flexibility

Managed Exchange hosting is an attractive solution for small and medium-sized businesses, for which email is both a critical productivity tool and a major IT headache. Companies that manage Microsoft Exchange on-premises must contend with a wide array of issues related to security, backup, and infrastructure maintenance, in addition to a sometimes painful migration each time Exchange is updated.

Fortunately, SMBs have an alternative: managed Exchange hosting, which is much more cost effective and flexible than on-premises infrastructure. Despite advantages like backup, messaging continuity, and advanced support from managed hosting providers, some businesses may be holding back on moving to managed Exchange hosting due to misconceptions. Read more

How Exchange hosting reduces costs and risks

Exchange hosting provides superior email scalability and reliability

Although Exchange hosting services are increasingly being adopted by organizations of all sizes, a white paper from Integra reveals that of 360 million Exchange mailboxes worldwide in 2011, more than 3 out of 4 were hosted on-premises.

Microsoft Exchange continues to be the premier business messaging system since it provides organizations of all sizes with a rich range of email, contact management, and calendar tools. Other capabilities like wireless synchronization have future-proofed it, making it ideal for increasingly mobile workplaces. Read more