Hosted Exchange services enhance email security

Email cyberthreats answered with improved security of hosted Exchange services

Hosted Exchange services are vital for effectively combating email threats. As hackers develop more sophisticated methods of pushing spam through many popular email filters and cloaking malware in seemingly benign messages, it is vital that organizations invest in hosting services that can actually keep up with the fierce onslaught of threats. The rise of the Internet of Things and the growth in web traffic should compel companies to shore up their email security by investing in an Exchange hosting service. It only takes one piece of spam to slip by filters, entice a user to click and affect an enterprise network. Hosted Exchange services can help companies institute an impenetrable front against the dangers of spam. Read more

Hosted Exchange email options: dedicated or shared?

Capabilities, flexibility drive selection of hosted Exchange email solution

Hosted Exchange email services continue to provide numerous benefits to users, but organizations must protect staff productivity and the bottom line with an understanding of which Hosted Exchange email configuration represents the best investment. Dedicated and shared hosted Exchange services both offer fully featured implementations of Exchange Server, but differ in capabilities and flexibility. It’s crucial that companies understand which hosted Exchange email solution best suits their needs, especially if they’re making a migration to Microsoft’s email platform for the first time. Any company currently using, or considering switching to the Exchange platform should seriously consider investing in an Hosted Exchange email service. Read more

Hosted Exchange servers: making the migration

Email platform migrations simplified by hosted Exchange servers

Hosted Exchange servers help ensure successful email platform migrations. As companies’ needs change, they may find their current email client keeping them from optimal communication. Microsoft Exchange has a long track record of reliability, interoperability and innovation, so it’s no surprise that many of the more than 400 million global Microsoft Outlook users rely on it to store and protect important messages and documents. It’s also projected to grow – according to a report by the Radicati Group, Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook market share will grow from 53 percent in 2012 to 68 percent by 2016. Hosted Exchange servers enable companies to ensure peak support for their investment in mission-critical email systems. Read more

Exchange hosting service: 4 benefits

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Exchange hosting services

Exchange hosting services provide exemplary support for one of the most important parts of any enterprise – email. Microsoft Exchange is a popular platform for businesses of all sizes, but like many mature technologies, may be overlooked when it comes time to implement tighter security, more robust management, and the latest functionality enhancements. An Exchange hosting service can offer automatic and continuous support against the many performance, security, and access issues that can unnecessarily complicate an investment in Exchange. Read more

ZeroLag Sponsors Dell World 2013

Dell Cloud Partner ZeroLag exhibits at Austin event

Los Angeles, December 4, 2013ZeroLag will sponsor and exhibit at Dell World, the premier event for IT professionals, December 11 – 13 in Austin, Texas. ZeroLag, the emerging leader in private cloud and dedicated web hosting, provides fully managed customized solutions that provide clients with peace of mind by ensuring mission-critical applications and data are always available, fast, and completely secure. Read more