Hosted Exchange services reduce email risks

Proliferation of phishing attacks and malware calls for hosted Exchange services

Hosted Exchange services provide reliable security in the face of ever-present threats to business email systems. With so much business and personal correspondence passing through inboxes, email continues to be highly targeted by cyber criminals. Several sophisticated threats recently uncovered by web security professionals serve as a reminder of the potential risks of corporate email.

Hosted Exchange services help target the common thread in many email-based cyber-security issues – less-than-perfect user activity. The ubiquity of email can breed complacency and cause businesses to relax their guard. At the same time, convenience and productivity are high priorities in corporate environments, so affixing cumbersome safeguards to email usage is objectionable. Hosted Exchange services provide a best-in-class combination of tough security and user convenience. Read more

Hosted Exchange email: when Exchange 2003 support ends

Migration to hosted Exchange email is option for current Exchange 2003 users

Hosted Exchange email could be the answer for any company looking for a reliable email solution after Microsoft stops supporting Exchange Server 2003. Microsoft will cease extended support for Exchange 2003 on April 8, 2014. There were still more than 6 million email accounts supported by Exchange 2003 just in North America — most of them small and medium-sized business users — according to a Spring 2013 study by the Radicati Group. These organizations are missing out on new features offered in later versions of Microsoft Exchange, and could be making themselves vulnerable to security issues and other cyber threats. Hosted Exchange email service can help organizations ensure they do not suffer in the wake of Exchange 2003’s obsolescence. Read more

Hosted Exchange services enhance email security

Email cyberthreats answered with improved security of hosted Exchange services

Hosted Exchange services are vital for effectively combating email threats. As hackers develop more sophisticated methods of pushing spam through many popular email filters and cloaking malware in seemingly benign messages, it is vital that organizations invest in hosting services that can actually keep up with the fierce onslaught of threats. The rise of the Internet of Things and the growth in web traffic should compel companies to shore up their email security by investing in an Exchange hosting service. It only takes one piece of spam to slip by filters, entice a user to click and affect an enterprise network. Hosted Exchange services can help companies institute an impenetrable front against the dangers of spam. Read more

Business email servers: hosting for extra security

As critical productivity tools, business email servers need strong protection

Business email servers demand high-level protection, which makes a hosted email solution perfect for enterprises of any size. As one of the foundational tools of virtually every business, email is also a prime candidate for security- and performance-related problems. Both internal and external threats can compromise the integrity of a company’s email network, and the nature of this interconnected program can make it easy for an issue to spread. Email issues can cause problems within the business and expand outward, hitting clients and customers. Comprehensive, always-on protection of business email servers is imperative, and a hosted email environment can keep company messaging systems safe, secure and functioning smoothly. Read more