Why invest in custom servers?

Custom servers provide alternative to one-size-fits-none server solutions

Custom servers offer companies the ability to tailor their server configuration to suit their specific demands. Not all businesses are alike, yet many dissimilar companies rely on the same out of the box IT services to satisfy wildly divergent needs. While many organizations have invested in cloud, colocation and managed services over the last several years, they fail to capitalize on one of the most disruptive aspects of cloud computing and data center architecture: customization.  Working with a dedicated hosting services provider to select the optimally configured custom servers for the organization’s IT environment, scalability, and fault tolerance demands can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Read more

E-commerce hosting providers to be tested by 2013 holiday shopping season

Mobile device users expected to lead growth in e-commerce traffic

E-commerce hosting providers are set to be tested by a record-breaking holiday season in late 2013 and early 2014, with growth driven primarily by higher engagement with mobile device users. As website traffic and customer requests reach new levels, hosting providers must be prepared for the influx of traffic. Dedicated e-commerce server hosting gives companies the standalone resources that they need, with their e-commerce hosting provider ensuring that backend infrastructure scales to swiftly and securely handle transactions. Read more

Choose dedicated e-commerce hosting for better e-tailing

Dedicated e-commerce hosting delivers superior customer experience

Opting for dedicated e-commerce hosting is one of the best upgrades that an online retailer can make. With dedicated servers, a merchants will have a better-performing website that stays up consistently and does not experience costly downtime incidents. More specifically, it will be able to withstand traffic spikes during peak periods like the winter holidays. Read more