Dedicated managed servers defend against cyber threats

Complexity of cyber security underscores value of dedicated managed servers

Dedicated managed servers are one of the best defenses against cyber threats, which will grow more sophisticated in 2015 and beyond. Providing optimal cyber security across the enterprise is a challenging task for in-house IT under the best of circumstances. It’s a 24/7 job that puts IT professionals in the unenviable position of constantly trying to stay ahead of a sharpening curve. Along with infrastructure management, enhanced security capabilities is one of the best reasons to invest in dedicated managed servers. A top web hosting provider can offer both physical security measures and sophisticated cyber threat prevention and neutralization techniques to effectively safeguard sensitive data and mission-critical applications. Read more

How managed server hosting helps financial services firms

Changing digital business landscape spurs shift to managed server hosting

Managed server hosting represents a sound investment for financial services firms as they look for ways to manage costs and risks. While companies in the finance sector have long relied on in-house data center facilities, new technologies, an information explosion and security concerns compel them to continually update their IT strategies. Simply building on to current infrastructure in the traditional model is rapidly becoming prohibitively costly. Read more

Managed servers support disaster recovery plans

Critical DR planning, testing tasks facilitated by managed servers

Managed servers can play an integral role in a disaster recovery plan that actually performs to its expectations. Many companies have some semblance of a disaster recovery and business continuity procedure in place. But quite often, they discover they’re not actually ready for action when put to the test. This is a pervasive issue – according to the 2014 benchmark study by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council, 73 percent of global organizations do not have adequate disaster recovery plans in place. Poor planning, insufficient testing, and technological deficiencies led to more than $5 million worth of data loss and critical applications failure for organizations participating in the study. Managed servers are valuable tools for three important aspects of disaster recovery – planning, testing, and action. Read more

Fully managed servers: 3 benefits for SMBs

SMBs choosing fully managed servers enjoy enterprise-grade benefits

Fully managed servers provide small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise-grade capabilities that would otherwise be outside their reach. In today’s data-driven business environment which is rife with advanced cyber threats, SMBs are often seen as targets of opportunity. They frequently lack the financial resources and specialized IT staff necessary to insulate themselves from security and continuity issues as effectively as larger organizations. Hackers are well aware of this disparity and are increasingly turning their attention to SMBs. Given increased pressure from threats specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses, fully managed servers are more relevant than ever, as a cost-effective way for SMBs to ensure their bottom lines are well protected from these cyber security threats. Read more

Fully managed dedicated servers defend against data breaches

Fully managed dedicated servers can help companies protect themselves from data breaches. Recent high profile data breaches that have hit retailers, financial services and healthcare providers, proliferating malware, and threats like the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability underscore how hazardous the modern business computing environment can be.

For most organizations, information security is a constant uphill battle that consumes resources and erodes productivity, without actually providing a true sense of safety. Fully managed dedicated servers can help companies more effectively insulate themselves from cyber threats.
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