5 reasons why the costs of hosted dedicated servers are justified – even when you think it might not be affordable

It is very easy to get lured into the promise of low cost, multi-tenant (shared) servers and/or public cloud solutions, and the promise of instant access to compute, memory, and storage resources. However, before an organization places mission-critical applications and data into one of these environments it is important to carefully consider all of the ramifications. Read more

E-Commerce Database Leader Clustrix Partners With Platinum Magento Hosting Partner ZeroLag

Clustrix's Scale-Out Database Improves Site Performance and Reliability for ZeroLag's Magento Merchants

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2015 – Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the needs of large and fast growing e-commerce sites, today announced a new partnership with ZeroLag, a premier hosting provider for Magento merchants. As a result of the partnership, ZeroLag’s e-tailers are able to leverage ClustrixDB to “supersize” their Magento sites. Read more

How dedicated servers can benefit your company

Dedicated servers give businesses the option to cost-effectively outsource IT infrastructure management and re-allocate in-house IT resources to initiatives which wield greater leverage over rivals and profits. Companies today must move increasingly faster, whether it’s to gain a foothold in a new market or to quickly adapt to seemingly overnight changes in the competitive landscape. Organizations impeded by outdated and/or undermanaged information infrastructure will pay the price, measured in lost opportunities to innovate and grow.

Whether building big data capabilities or rolling out a promising new application, infrastructure restraints can be a barrier separating companies from success. But with outsourced dedicated servers, these obstacles are cleared away.

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Managed e-commerce hosting helps merchants adapt to change

Managed e-commerce hosting is an essential component of an e-commerce strategy that’s built to last. In these changing times, many merchants are falling behind the curve, unable to keep up with rising consumer expectations, web site management concerns, and security issues. While a high-profile security breach or outage at a critical time could deal a crippling blow, a more common scenario is a slow or unstable web site that quietly drives away would-be customers on a daily basis. Instead, many savvy merchants opt for the services of an expert provider of managed e-commerce hosting. These specialized hosting companies supply cost-effective infrastructure, support, and tools to ensure optimal e-commerce site performance, reliability, and security. Read more

Tips for Web Hosting Success

These days it seems as if the entire world is on the Internet, as it’s hard to find an individual or organization that doesn’t have a significant web presence. It’s only natural, then, for business owners to launch an Internet site of their own as part of their marketing strategy. Given the enormous amount of domains accessible from Google, it’s easy to underestimate the difficulty of assembling an attractive, functional website—many businesses, large and small, have successfully assembled and maintained Internet sites, so how hard could it be? But make no mistake: Without a carefully constructed plan, a company’s website might encounter any number of catastrophic problems. In the case of an e-commerce site—that is, one where a business sells its products and services—the potential for disaster is even greater, due to the added burdens of processing credit cards securely and managing orders in a timely fashion. With these considerations in mind, here are some tips for maximizing your website’s chances for success. Read more