What are the best servers for your business needs?

Evaluating business needs determines best server configuration

Choosing the best servers for your company’s needs can be a daunting task. Most businesses on the hunt for more server capacity and support are in the process of expanding, so they have to plan for future demands as well as current needs. There are many options out there, and every business must determine the best server solution for its unique needs. Let’s take a look at three of the most common server options: managed dedicated servers, shared server hosting, and colocation. Read more

What’s the best hosting plan for your business?

Current and future business needs guide selection of best hosting plan

Finding the best hosting plan for your business needs is more than just a matter of following the herd. There are a wide variety of hosting options available, and what’s ideal for one company can be very different than what’s right for another company’s needs. A top hosting provider will work with you to find the best hosting plan for your business by customizing services to suit your needs, rather than trying to slot you into a one-size-fits-all “package.” Read more

Colocation hosting: when is it right for you?

Colocation hosting a viable solution for companies with specialized needs

Colocation hosting is just one of the myriad hosting options available to organizations that want to dramatically increase their efficiency and performance without having to continue outfitting data centers and procuring support system infrastructure. Because the various hosting options available today are intended for substantially different needs on a fairly granular level, it can be difficult for a company to make the choice that will best satisfy its current and future demands. Hosting shouldn’t be a stopgap solution – it should be a foundational component of company infrastructure and systems planning. Read more

Managed colocation hosting: 7 big benefits

Managed colocation hosting frees businesses to focus on what's most important

Managed colocation hosting is the perfect solution for businesses with small- to mid-size IT needs because it allows businesses to focus on tasks at hand instead of support and maintenance. The benefits of choosing managed colocation hosting include physical security, 24/7 monitoring, redundant systems for high reliability, low latency, high-speed bandwidth at reduced costs, and much more. Here’s a closer look at the big benefits small to mid-size companies can enjoy by choosing managed colocation hosting. Read more

Colocation hosting: 4 big benefits vs. on-site infrastructure

Colocation hosting provides efficiencies without sacrificing IT control

The colocation hosting market is expected to grow at a 16.57 compound annual growth rate from 2012 to 2016, according to market research firm TechNavio. Over the past few years, colocation has been a top consideration for enterprises in many different industries. As capital and operational expenses related to data management and IT infrastructure continue to escalate, many companies have found that some degree of managed hosting solutions have best equipped them to face the challenges ahead.

Colocation hosting offers several tangible benefits with direct positive ROI, keeping companies lean, agile and prepared to ready to explore innovations in technology or business practices. Read more