ZeroLag cloud services featured in Dell video

Focus on white glove service and problem solving powers ZeroLag cloud to success

ZeroLag’s capabilities as a leading provider of white glove cloud services are featured in a video produced by the services division of Dell, Inc. As a Dell Cloud Partner, ZeroLag cloud services are offered to Dell’s mid-market and larger customers by Dell sales representatives and consultants.

ZeroLag is a Dell Cloud Services Partner“We’ve been a partner of Dell Cloud Services for over two years now,” explained ZeroLag founder and CEO Greg Strelzoff, when asked about his company’s relationship with Dell. “We’ve been in business for 14 years and our mantra is to offer the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security backed by outstanding service and support.”

One of the best cloud services providers in the industry

ZeroLag SVP of business development David Buckland elaborated, stating, “Quietly we’ve become one of the best cloud services providers in the industry by focusing on service to our customers and understanding what business problems they are trying to solve. We have approximately 1,600 customers right now. Our largest customers are people like the NFL, Microsoft, Shutterfly, and Kaiser Permanente.”

Buckland added, “ZeroLag has built its reputation by managing higher up the stack. We understand the technology environment and the problems that our customers try to solve. That takes time. That takes expertise. So that comes from our people. It comes from our operations. It comes from our data centers and the expertise to run those.”

“The NFL expected to be up when Yahoo went down, when ESPN went down,” explained Buckland. “They wanted to give the level of service that is befitting to their brand. We designed a solution based on a sharded technology, which allowed us to handle 10x of what ESPN or Yahoo was able to handle. That is why we stayed up. This is why they went down.”

“ZeroLag’s biggest strength is our engineering and services, said Strelzoff. “Without that, ZeroLag would not have a differentiator from the hundreds of other hosting providers out there.  It is the reason why clients come to us and stay with us for many years to come.”

To learn more, watch the video now:

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