What is private cloud?

Private cloud is a versatile tool in the IT arsenal of infrastructure solutions

“What is private cloud” is a question that many companies are asking themselves. While public cloud has (mostly) enjoyed its time in the cultural spotlight, its lesser-known cousin, private cloud, has gained traction primarily with in-the-know IT experts. But for the most part, non-IT decision makers do not widely understand what private cloud is or how to use it – crucial barriers that must be overcome if an organization is to make informed decisions about next-generation IT infrastructure. To help answer the question, “what is private cloud?” it’s useful to take a closer look at the different roles private cloud can play in today’s business information environment.

What is private cloud, anyway?

Private cloud is a custom-tailored IT solution.

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For some mission-critical applications and data,
private cloud is the only way to fly.

Organizations have a variety of options for configuration and customization when it comes to their private cloud deployment. They can choose between next-gen virtualization tools, the amount of allocated computing resources, and various application environments to ensure they have the best tools for their business and functional requirements. Leading private cloud providers work closely with IT executives to design and continue to tweak the private cloud deployment so it corresponds to a company’s changing needs.

It’s a user productivity enhancement tool.

Making users more efficient is one of the benefits of a private cloud deployment. Many tedious application maintenance and data management processes can be off-loaded into the cloud, boosting operational speed and reducing environmental complexity. ComputerWeekly noted that improving productivity for software developers, if applicable to the organization, is an important aspect of the cloud, as it makes application-heavy environments simpler to design and manage.

It’s a proactive support system.

Leading cloud providers leverage a variety of advanced technologies that deliver real-time system performance monitoring and a preventative approach to security and management. By anticipating needs and issues instead of merely responding to them, a top-notch private cloud hosting provider ensures that a private cloud deployments are functioning optimally at all times.

What is a private cloud? It’s completely reliable.

Leading private cloud providers leverage the combined power of state-of-the-art hardware, redundant architecture, and a virtualized framework with an expert IT engineering team. This dynamic approach ensures end-to-end reliability for the private cloud deployment.