Virtual private servers: best of both worlds for web hosting?

Virtual private servers (VPS) combine benefits of shared and dedicated hosting

Virtual private servers enable companies to stay ahead of today’s digital demands. A robust, highly available web presence is a basic requirement for organizations in most industries, and it’s also a way for companies to separate themselves from the competition. The frontier days of the Internet have passed, taking with them many of the trials, experiments and headaches that stemmed from trying to develop a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and high-performing environment. There are generally acknowledged design and functionality requirements of websites that can help organizations put their best foot forward. On the back end, however, virtual private servers can be essential to organizations requiring support for the optimal deployment of their web efforts.

Virtual private servers: optimizing ROI

virtual private serverVirtual private servers offer organizations the best of both worlds. Companies just starting out or seeking to maximize their infrastructure investment may want the advantages of a dedicated hosting environment, but simply don’t require a full server for their needs.Rather than bearing unnecessary expense for resources which won’t be fully utilized, the organization can invest in a virtual private server to retain the benefits of a potent server environment – high reliability and performance – at a lower cost.

Additionally, virtual private servers enable customization of deployed software and applications to support web environments. A dazzling array of web applications and software can be deployed on sites to deliver an engaging, responsive, and memorable experience for users. But these applications can create greater computing demands than more basic functionality Virtual private servers are capable of shouldering a greater load than a shared hosting environment, enabling companies to balance cost and performance capabilities for web application development and execution.

Virtual private servers: compliance with less headaches

Many organizations are subject to legal or industry regulations which require strict compliance with privacy, security, and/or auditing standards. These standards can be difficult or impossible to achieve in shared hosting environments. But virtual private servers provide greater data privacy, network security, and management capabilities, which can ease compliance with today’s tough standards.

Photo courtesy Dell