Private cloud hosting: three advantages

Private cloud offers valuable benefits vs. public cloud for mission-critical apps, data

Private cloud hosting doesn’t get as much notice as public cloud, but it plays a very important role in corporate IT strategies. While public clouds are utilized by many businesses to ease increased hardware, information management, and efficiency concerns brought on by rising demand for applications and data, private cloud hosting offers many advantages not present in public cloud platforms. It’s important for enterprises to understand the differences between these services in order to make the right choice for their various system, security, and spending needs.

private cloud hosting advantagesHere are three reasons why private cloud hosting offers a superior environment for an organization’s cloud IT needs:

1. Private cloud hosting serves a single company’s needs

Public cloud is essentially a sophisticated form of shared hosting, where server resources are divided among many other users. For data and applications with relatively low security requirements, or business requirements wherein easy access trumps all other interests, a public cloud platform may suffice. However, a private cloud hosting solution ensures that the cloud infrastructure is dedicated to supporting only one business, resulting in superior performance and reliability.

2. Private cloud hosting maintains enterprise-grade security

Another benefit of private cloud hosting is robust security. Because public clouds serve the needs of multiple businesses, it is difficult to implement strict security controls, and the possibility exists that a security breach impacting one user could spread to others. In contrast, a private cloud hosting solution incorporates custom-tailored security measures that minimize or eliminate potential vulnerabilities to the greatest extent possible.

3. Private cloud hosting supports a higher standard of compliance

In many industries, particularly healthcare, finance, and retail, tightening industry and government compliance standards can create management headaches for companies. A public cloud may not be able to offer the service-level agreements and end-to-end support necessary to achieve applicable compliance standards. A private cloud hosting solution, because it offers more flexibility and administrative control, can be custom engineered to satisfy compliance requirements.