Why a private cloud environment is best for data storage

63% of companies prefer private cloud environment for data storage

A private cloud environment offers the most flexible and secure solution for storing sensitive data. While numerous platforms have challenged the private cloud’s spot for the preferred solution for data storage, they fall short of the customization and security that a private cloud environment offers. It remains the dominant enterprise choice, with 63% of companies preferring private cloud over just using public software-as-a-service for storage, according to a recent CTERA Networks survey. Organizations concerned about the constant threat of data theft are concentrating their storage needs in private cloud environments in order to maintain better visibility and cut down on potential network weaknesses.

Private cloud environments provide a high degree of customization

private cloud environment One important benefit keeping organizations interested in private cloud environments is the level of customization they afford. Leading providers offer customers the ability to configure a private cloud environment in accordance with their unique business and functional requirements, rather than making do with a one-size-fits-all solution.

This flexibility includes can even include a choice of either the VMware or Microsoft HyperV virtualization platform. The high degree of customization available with a private cloud environment means that businesses don’t have to make compromises when it comes to storing mission-critical data.

Private cloud environments offer superior security safeguards

Some experts believe public cloud platforms offer adequate information security, but such a stance is based more on buying cheap than investing well. With the increasing prevalence of high-profile data breaches, stringent privacy regulations, and the substantial direct and indirect costs associated with mitigating security incidents, InfoSec is not an advisable area in which to cut budgetary corners.

Unlike public cloud services, which are shared with a large number of users with various skill levels and unknown agendas, private cloud environments are reserved for the exclusive access and use of a single customer. A private cloud environment also offers a superior security framework to proactively protect valuable and sensitive data against today’s advanced cyber threats.

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