Fully managed cloud hosting: why businesses invest

Management headaches of public cloud alleviated by fully managed cloud hosting

Fully managed cloud hosting optimizes enterprise cloud investment. Adoption of hosted private cloud services continues to grow, a recent 451 Research survey found. It projected that by 2016, about 39 percent of organizations’ applications and resources will be in the cloud. When organizations had only a small percentage of software or applications operating in the cloud, it made sense to use in-house or ad hoc IT and infrastructure support. As cloud environments and mission-criticality increase, so too does the level of support businesses require. Fully managed cloud hosting is a solution for businesses that desire the benefits of cloud environments without the management headaches associated with public cloud platforms.

Fully managed cloud hosting: why businesses invest

fully managed cloud hostingBusinesses continue to migrate mission-critical applications to the cloud. This necessitates a high degree of support, as available in a fully managed cloud hosting service. The survey’s findings highlight the trend to move vital services to the cloud, and underscores the need for heightened IT support. According to the survey, the top five hosted services businesses adopt are:

  • Website hosting (70 percent)
  • Storage (64 percent)
  • Backup/restore services (64 percent)
  • Dedicated servers (56 percent)
  • Database hosting (54 percent)
Fully managed cloud hosting: solving problems

What do these services all have in common? They are used in service of mission-critical business information infrastructure (websites, data, application servers) and are crucial to continuity and recovery efforts (storage, backup/restore). They are also all difficult for a company to oversee on its own. Fully managed cloud hosting offers not only the robust infrastructure and scalable resources these services require, but advanced network and IT support crucial to maximizing return on investment.

Fully managed cloud hosting: premium security at a smart price

The survey also found that 86 percent of the organizations surveyed are willing to pay a premium for security guarantees, if they don’t already do so. Businesses need to protect critical applications at all costs, and fully managed cloud hosting offers an environment that can keep threats and vulnerabilities at bay. Leading providers of fully managed cloud hosting services take security an important step further, offering proactive monitoring and management tools to add layers of protection to servers, networks, email systems and any other applications a company needs to safeguard. This level of protection also protects the ROI of an organization’s cloud investment.