4 advantages of custom cloud hosting

Custom cloud hosting delivers benefits not available in public cloud

Custom cloud hosting can help companies overcome challenges to a cloud-centric business model. While the first wave of cloud adoption and its array of accompanying security concerns is firmly in the rearview mirror, issues like data protection and management continue to prove hindrances to cloud investment. Many companies’ view of their cloud choices is limited to public and private, with a little hybrid cloud thrown in for good measure. Regarding cloud computing as only coming in three arrangements, however, does a disservice to the vast menu of options a company can benefit from, if it only knows where to look. A custom cloud hosting provider offers organizations the chance to design clouds specific to their needs. Here are four advantages of choosing a custom cloud hosting solution.

1. Custom cloud hosting offers varying levels of management

custom cloud hostingMany organizations are concerned about the level of visibility and oversight they’ll have in the cloud. Some want to outsource virtually every facet of management, while others want to retain maintenance of key access and operational aspects. A custom cloud hosting provider can fully set up, deploy and manage a company’s cloud, or work with it to design a tailored solution that puts the organization at ease without putting it at risk.

2. Custom cloud hosting tailors software configurations

As InfoWorld contributors Doug Dineley and Paul Ferrill noted, a company’s virtualization needs vary widely based on various size, architecture configuration and scalability requirements. It doesn’t make sense to limit organizations to having to choose VMware vSphere over Microsoft HyperV if HyperV better fits their demands, or vice versa. A custom cloud hosting solution allows businesses some leeway in this important infrastructure decision, and builds out the architecture from there.

3. Custom cloud hosting provides flexible security

Depending on an organization’s size, sector and digital profile, it may have a vastly different security configuration than another company. The two disparate systems shouldn’t be forced into the same cloud security framework. A custom cloud hosting solution offers support for whatever safeguards an organization uses, providing on-demand software patches and firewall monitoring if those elements are present.

4. Custom cloud hosting specifies IT support

Custom cloud hosting providers have IT staff on hand at all times that have dedicated expertise in specific cloud setups, and can provide troubleshooting and assistance in the context of what an organization needs. Instead of requiring appointments or offering generic advice, these IT personnel deliver specific feedback and customized support.

Image credit: R. Krishnan