Shared hosting helps companies build online brands

Strategic benefits of online presence delivered by shared hosting services

Shared hosting services are ideal for organizations that want to build their brand online with a minimum of expense and IT management workload. Many start-up and smaller organizations simply do not need dedicated servers and other sophisticated infrastructure required by larger organizations. The Internet, however, democratizes content and gives smaller companies opportunities to gain an equal footing never before possible. Where large and small organizations’ needs are similar is the requirement for reliable hosting services. A business-class shared hosting solution offers dependable support for web sites and other web applications on a modest budget.

shared hostingShared hosting offers the reliability and security that organizations need to ensure hard work invested cultivating their digital brand is not undermined by a poor experience for web site visitors.

Cutting corners on web hosting  in an age when companies need to have constant availability and real-time management of their online platforms is not a wise choice. Quality shared hosting services enable organizations to profit from the strategic benefits of an effective online presence, which according to marketing expert Tom Pick, include:

  • Buyers in the age 26 to 45 set conduct online research more than 50 percent of the time before making a business-to-business (B2B) purchasing decision
  • Company websites are the biggest factor driving B2B sales for SMBs
  • B2B marketers say that email marketing, content market, and paid search/online ads are the best techniques for lead generation
  • B2B buyers less than 35 years old are 131% more likely than their older peers to make corporate purchases online
Shared hosting emphasizes opportunity

Business-class shared hosting services offer robust and secure support that can facilitate the launch of various web applications, email marketing, and e-commerce essential to SMB growth. The advantage of shared hosting is that it enables organizations of any size to focus on developing engaging content and interactive experiences for customers, and minimizes human and financial capital expended on managing IT infrastructure.

Photo courtesy Jayel Aheram