Managed VPS hosting: 3 types of businesses that can benefit

Managed VPS hosting, or managed virtual private server hosting, is a great choice for companies deploying applications or web sites that require computing resources and control which exceed the capacity of shared hosting, but aren’t yet ready to make the leap to a dedicated server. Managed VPS hosting provides capabilities which approach those of dedicated servers, but at a significantly lower monthly cost. Here’s a look at three types of businesses which may find managed VPS hosting to be a perfect fit.

Managed VPS hosting fits web site development

managed vps hosting - virtual private serversBusinesses like digital agencies which develop web sites for e-commerce merchants and other clients can benefit from managed VPS hosting. Because sites under development don’t serve large numbers of concurrent users like a production site, the resource demands imposed by each site are relatively low. Dozens of sites can be developed simultaneously on a single managed VPS hosting account without straining the virtual private server’s capacity. In this scenario, the additional cost of a dedicated server isn’t justified.

Managed VPS hosting powers growing businesses

Start-up and early stage companies have rapidly evolving IT infrastructure needs, but typically lack on-premises application and data hosting infrastructure and in-house IT personnel qualified to manage it. Compared to shared hosting, managed VPS hosting from leading providers offers superior scalability and flexibility, greater performance and reliability, and comes bundled with expert management and support at no additional cost. Managed VPS hosting helps growth companies control operating costs and utilize precious working capital more efficiently, while delivering a stable and reliable platform for mission-critical IT initiatives.

Managed VPS hosting suits small businesses

Not every business and business model is centered on information technology. Many small businesses that have modest hosting needs — maintaining a simple web site, providing basic email service to a dozen or so staff members, and storing limited amounts of data — are well-served by managed VPS hosting. While inexpensive shared hosting may appear to suffice for these businesses, most companies that try to get by that way eventually grow frustrated with the brownouts and downtime which are typical of commodity priced shared hosting providers. Managed VPS hosting is rock-steady by comparison, and offers the additional benefits of attentive management by qualified sysadmins and responsive, professional technical support that’s just a phone call or email away.