Managed hosting services: business continuity planning in the face of extreme weather and natural disasters

Managed hosting services are a way for organizations to implement a business continuity plan that works. Many companies are no doubt feeling the effects of one of the most severe winters to hit North America in years and are concerned about the effectiveness of their contingency plans. As temperatures drop to record lows and regions with usually mild winters get pelted with snow and ice, the ability of weather to wreak havoc is the only predictable thing about what meteorological surprises lie ahead in 2014 and beyond.

It’s never too late for companies concerned about business continuity in the event of extreme weather, natural disasters, and other uncontrollable events  to strengthen their positions. Managed hosting services can alleviate many of the potential pain points in business continuity plans, providing reliability, security, and fail-safe infrastructure capable of smooth sailing through troubled waters.

Why companies need managed hosting services

managed hosting servicesBusiness continuity and disaster recovery planning have to take place before the interruption hits. If a company doesn’t start thinking about how they’re going to get systems back online and functional until after they are knocked offline or are otherwise compromised, they have placed themselves at an incredible disadvantage.

However, even though the consequences of failing to plan for the inevitable are obvious, it’s not hard to see why many companies drag their feet on continuity and contingency planning.

Developing a 100% in-house business continuity strategy can be very costly. Every significant addition or change to company systems needs to be reflected in business continuity approaches, according to WindowsITPro. An organization may be left with a sorely outdated recovery plan when it is finally needed. Unless a company commits to regular and extensive testing of its plan, there is no real way of knowing whether failover preparations will work until they are actually needed most.

Managed hosting services provide uninterrupted support and redundant technology that companies can rely on for uncompromising disaster recovery strategies. Expert IT management, constant uptime, and robust network infrastructure are just a few of the advantages managed hosting services offer to ensure continuity in the face of unpredictable events like extreme weather, floods, power outages, vandalism or theft, cyber attacks, and other risks.