Managed e-commerce hosting helps merchants adapt to change

Managed e-commerce hosting is an essential component of an e-commerce strategy that’s built to last. In these changing times, many merchants are falling behind the curve, unable to keep up with rising consumer expectations, web site management concerns, and security issues. While a high-profile security breach or outage at a critical time could deal a crippling blow, a more common scenario is a slow or unstable web site that quietly drives away would-be customers on a daily basis. Instead, many savvy merchants opt for the services of an expert provider of managed e-commerce hosting. These specialized hosting companies supply cost-effective infrastructure, support, and tools to ensure optimal e-commerce site performance, reliability, and security.

Here are three rising challenges that managed e-commerce hosting can help solve:

1. Managed e-commerce hosting helps answer the increasing need for customization

managed e-commerce hosting providerEver-increasing customer expectations make it imperative for merchants to design and implement online shopping experiences that are not only personalized and enjoyable for customers, but which also meet conversion goals. The highly capable e-commerce platforms that support sophisticated customization — such as Magento Enterprise Edition — exact a heavy toll on hosting resources. Leading managed e-commerce hosting providers understand the requirements of these platforms and have invested substantial resources to develop infrastructure which is up to the challenge.

2. Managed e-commerce hosting delivers superior reliability

E-commerce site brownouts and outages have a measurable negative impact on customer conversion rates and revenue generation. Leading managed e-commerce hosting providers implement carefully optimized server operating systems, redundant “N+1” infrastructure, state-of-the-art load balancing technology, and real-time monitoring tools to ensure rock-steady reliability.

3. Managed e-commerce hosting responds to a growing cyber threat environment

Cyber attacks continue to pose a major threat to the integrity of web sites and data. E-commerce sites are a particularly attractive target for hackers and cyber criminals, who are keenly interested in obtaining credit card numbers and other sensitive user information. Leading  providers of managed e-commerce hosting deploy multiple layers of security safeguards to keep outside threats at bay.