Managed colocation hosting: 7 big benefits

Managed colocation hosting frees businesses to focus on what's most important

Managed colocation hosting is the perfect solution for businesses with small- to mid-size IT needs because it allows businesses to focus on tasks at hand instead of support and maintenance. The benefits of choosing managed colocation hosting include physical security, 24/7 monitoring, redundant systems for high reliability, low latency, high-speed bandwidth at reduced costs, and much more. Here’s a closer look at the big benefits small to mid-size companies can enjoy by choosing managed colocation hosting.

Managed Colocation Hosting: 7 Big Benefits

Startup costs
Businesses that are operating on a budget and have limited resources will benefitmanaged colocation hosting from managed colocation hosting. Leveraging the hosting company’s existing investment in network resources, physical security, and other data center infrastructure is much more cost-effective than building the same capabilities on-premises.

Server and data center maintenance typically requires that teams be kept on-site 24 hours a day. These teams ensure that all servers are running properly, oversee that upgrades and patches are properly implemented, and stand ready in case of errors or technical issues.

Managed colocation hosting providers offer a highly-scalable solution as the setup is turnkey in nature.

Businesses that choose managed colocation hosting can rest assured knowing that the premises are guarded 24 hours a day by high-tech security and surveillance equipment, various layers of access control, fire management systems and more.

Climate control
Many factors can affect server performance, and environmental conditions play a big role. Small businesses can minimize costs by choosing managed colocation hosting which eliminates their costs for creating and maintaining a controlled, cooled environment with dust and particle protection.

Power and backup
To prevent downtime, managed colocation hosting providers implement redundant power supplies, complete with battery-powered backup and on-premise power generation.

Contingency expenses
By implementing and maintaining on-premise server solutions, small businesses will also incur liability for additional costs resulting from unforeseen and unpredictable events. However, by choosing managed colocation hosting, the hosting provider covers all contingency costs within a fixed monthly fee structure.