Fully managed servers: 3 benefits for SMBs

SMBs choosing fully managed servers enjoy enterprise-grade benefits

Fully managed servers provide small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise-grade capabilities that would otherwise be outside their reach. In today’s data-driven business environment which is rife with advanced cyber threats, SMBs are often seen as targets of opportunity. They frequently lack the financial resources and specialized IT staff necessary to insulate themselves from security and continuity issues as effectively as larger organizations. Hackers are well aware of this disparity and are increasingly turning their attention to SMBs. Given increased pressure from threats specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses, fully managed servers are more relevant than ever, as a cost-effective way for SMBs to ensure their bottom lines are well protected from these cyber security threats.

Fully managed servers are backed by proactive real-time support

fully managed servers for small and medium businessMany SMBs contract out to third-party IT support services on an as-needed basis. However, this model virtually ensures that response will be slow and expensive. While this approach may have been adequate in the past, it often falls short of the timely IT support that can make the difference between success and failure for an SMB.

Instead, leading providers of fully managed servers employ qualified “always on” IT support teams that proactively monitor servers and infrastructure for any signs of trouble and take action to correct it – often before clients are even aware that something is amiss.

Fully managed servers are protected by sophisticated security frameworks

A recent Verizon study found that 40 percent of 2013 data breaches hit SMBs. In addition to providing continuous and proactive IT support, leading providers of fully managed servers deploy enterprise-grade safeguards such as managed firewalls, real-time network monitoring tools, and intrusion detection systems (ID) in a layered security framework which repels unauthorized access attempts..

Fully managed servers deliver enterprise-grade reliability for SMBs

E-commerce platforms and other web applications are mission-critical investments for today’s high-tech SMBs. Downtime or brownouts can quickly sour relationships with customers and sap employee productivity. Fully managed servers provide customizable, scalable support with “five-nines” or better reliability, ensuring that organizations with even modest resources can enjoy the business benefits and competitive advantages of a rock-solid web presence.

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