Dedicated Windows hosting supports web applications

Heavy reliance on web applications argument for dedicated Windows hosting

Dedicated Windows hosting is a smart choice for companies that need support for their ASP.NET based web applications. For many organizations, Windows and the .NET Framework is the environment of choice for the development and deployment of their web sites and web applications. However, the proper infrastructure is crucial to ensuring that these applications are reliable, available, and secure. Dedicated Windows hosting provides organizations with robust hosting infrastructure so they can concentrate their attention on developing and supporting their applications, instead of worrying about the servers they run on.

Dedicated Windows hosting supports common development tools

dedicated windows hostingWindows Server is the target server operating system for programmers who use Microsoft-based technologies such as the .NET Framework and Visual Studio, which are commonly utilized to build enterprise applications. For instance, C#, a programming language created by Microsoft as a part of its framework, is commonly used in gaming as well as critical business programs, valued for its simplicity and cost-effective development tools, according to Developer Tech. Dedicated Windows hosting is an important part of the support system that facilitates development with these popular tools.

Dedicated Windows hosting provides enterprise app-ready environments

Supporting rapid growth is critical as the use of mobile apps rises. As our highly connected society becomes more dependent on apps with both personal and business functionality, the companies developing and distributing these apps need infrastructure capable of providing user support, service availability, and security. A dedicated Windows hosting provider offers powerful support for rapidly scaling mobile app user bases.

Dedicated Windows hosting offers resiliency and security

Heavy reliance on web applications for multiple mission-critical functions can pose business continuity and security risks unless a company takes steps to eliminate potential vulnerabilities. Dedicated Windows hosting from leading providers offers N+1 infrastructure redundancy to keep servers online with 100 percent uptime, while advanced security services root out and neutralize threats before they wreak havoc.