Why your business needs a dedicated server

Dedicated servers feature enhanced security, performance, other benefits

Dedicated servers do not rank among the least expensive options for hosting a web site. Shared hosting and VPS hosting can be viable hosting options, but many businesses need enhanced protection, and higher performance, plus greater scalability, customization, and control. A dedicated server can meet these needs and offers many additional features and options to address the unique requirements of a business.

dedicated serverSecurity

A dedicated server offers enhanced protection as it is not shared with any other entities. Shared hosting means that multiple tenants share the same server resources, which can lead to increased security risks. But with a dedicated server, only one business has access to the server and the data stored on it. This provides added control and minimizes security risks.


A dedicated server offers enhanced performance – a must for any business for which e-commerce is mission-critical. Slow-loading pages and errors will drive customers away and straight into the competitor’s arms. With shared hosting, multiple users share CPU, RAM and other server resources. If one tenant is experiencing an unusual traffic load, the web sites of other tenants can be negatively impacted. Businesses that select dedicated servers get access to the the full capabilities of the server, maximizing processing speed and minimizing or eliminating page loading delays.

Customization and control

With a dedicated server, the server environment can be highly customized to the specific needs of the web site and other applications which will be implemented on the server. The number of CPU cores, system RAM, storage capacity, and other hardware can be configured to provide the best combination of performance and cost. Likewise, the server operating system and support software can also be optimized to ensure that applications are fast and stable.


A dedicated server also offers greater scalability than shared hosting environments. The objective of every business is to grow, and its online presence helps fuel that growth. A dedicated server can be upgraded over time to provide greater capabilities, and can even be combined into a multi-server hosting cluster if and when resource demands dictate the need.

Photo courtesy Compudemano