How dedicated platform hosting maximizes IT ROI

Lower costs, increased efficiency of dedicated platform hosting improves ROI

Dedicated platform hosting enables businesses to maximize their IT flexibility. With dedicated platform hosting, companies can outsource the majority of their back-end IT infrastructure and support. The service provider performs all management tasks tasks that ensure performance, reliability, and security of the hosting environment. But the business retains full control over its applications and data.

Dedicated platform hosting can help businesses maximize their return on investment in information technology in multiple ways:

More efficient IT talent utilization

Because in-house IT staff are no longer required to manage servers and related infrastructure, dedicated platform hosting allows companies more efficiently align precious IT resources with key business initiatives. IT staff can concentrate on core competency projects that support competitive advantage.

Minimizes or eliminates capital expenditures for infrastructure

dedicated platform hostingThe costs of procuring, maintaining, and replacing servers and network equipment can be very significant, even for relatively small on-premises deployments. With dedicated platform hosting, much of these expenses are shifted to the hosting provider, allowing businesses to utilize working capital to power growth.

Leverages economies of scale

Leading dedicated platform hosting providers are high-volume purchasers of resources such as servers, networking equipment, and Internet connectivity. These companies can almost always provide comparable or superior services with a lower total cost of ownership vs. on-premises deployments.

Dedicated platform hosting improves predictability of operating costs

Migrating application deployments and data to dedicated platform hosting results in very predictable operating expenses, which are specified in the hosting contract. The service provider bears all expenses for operating and maintaining the hosting environment, even in the face of unpredictable events such as natural disasters.

State-of-the-art security measures

Security vulnerabilities or data breaches can quickly vaporize ROI projections with enormous direct and indirect costs. Preventive security measures are an absolute must, and the nature of today’s threat environment requires dynamic and adaptive security measures. Leading dedicated platform hosting providers employ sophisticated multi-layered security strategies to ensure that applications and data are protected from unauthorized access.