Dedicated managed server hosting plays key role in big data analytics success

Dedicated managed server hosting can be incredibly valuable to any organization looking to ramp up investment in big data analytics. This game-changing technology is still in the midst of a meteoric rise, and as big data finds more applications in sectors as diverse as healthcare, commerce, and entertainment, it appears the utility of big data is virtually without limits.

The constraints that could end up curtailing the effectiveness of big data analytics are mostly related to IT infrastructure. Storing petabytes of data and running complex business intelligence applications imposes strenuous demands on information infrastructure. Accurate predictions of future infrastructure needs are extremely difficult as organizations blaze new trails on the big data frontier, charting territory which has never been explored. But dedicated managed server hosting can play a key role when it comes to expanding big data analytics architecture, and frees businesses to focus their efforts on analysis and implementation of insights gained, rather than maintaining IT infrastructure.

Dedicated managed server hosting aids right-sizing of infrastructure

dedicated managed server hostingBecause big data analytics tends to exceed the boundaries of existing on-premises server and network infrastructure, many organizations have trouble building suitable resources. While some companies don’t have sufficient resources, other businesses actually over-provision their resources, according to FierceCIO. Either scenario can be troublesome, inefficient and expensive. By investing in a soluition based on dedicated managed server hosting, an organization doesn’t have to resort to guesstimating future infrastructure demands. Leading providers of dedicated managed server hosting furnish server hardware and network connectivity that can save organizations countless man-hours and IT dollars.

Dedicated managed server hosting promotes security in the age of data scrutiny

Concerns about data privacy and security are on the rise, especially in the wake of well publicized data security breaches of retailers, banks, and medical facilities. Dedicated managed server hosting can help alleviate the potential security, privacy, and compliance issues that can stem from big data storage. These risks are particularly pronounced in growing environments, because security protection often does not keep pace. Leading providers of dedicated managed server hosting deploy sophisticated integrated security measures to to block unauthorized access and minimize or eliminate infrastructure vulnerabilities.