Why gaming servers require dedicated hosting

Demanding requirements of gaming servers calls for maximum performance

Due to intense demands on gaming servers, dedicated servers are a must to provide a winning combination of low latency and high performance, along with the reliability, security, and other benefits that gamers and developers expect.

Why dedicated servers are the leading choice for gaming servers

Taking a closer look at the requirements of gaming servers, it’s easy to understand why dedicated servers are the preferred choice over other types of hosting solutions. Although shared resources such as VPS and cloud-based environments are sometimes positioned as viable alternatives, dedicated hosting remains the gold standard for gaming servers.

Low latency

gaming serversLow latency on gaming servers allows players a distinct advantage over players that have higher latency. All experienced gamers have experienced lag at some point, but if you are notice your character die before you even have a chance to properly defend yourself, this could be caused by high latency. Dedicated servers offer low latency which reduces your ping and increases your rapid response time.

High Performance

Dedicated gaming servers show a large increase in performance over many other hosting servers. Increases in speed and bandwidth will increase loading and response times for a more enjoyable and competitive gaming experience.

High Reliability

Dedicated gaming servers are developed especially for reliability. Poor performance will quickly send gaming customers scrambling to find another gaming server hosting provider, and this is why dedicated servers are fully optimized for security, speed, and scalability. Here are a few of the typical benefits that help make dedicated servers the preferred choice for gaming servers:

  • Uptime guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth options
  • Round-the-clock surveillance and network monitoring, security, and power backup systems


Competent hosting providers that offer dedicated gaming servers will also provide 24/7/365 access to trained server support experts, so any issues with the dedicated gaming servers can be quickly diagnosed and corrected.

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