What’s the best hosting plan for your business?

Current and future business needs guide selection of best hosting plan

Finding the best hosting plan for your business needs is more than just a matter of following the herd. There are a wide variety of hosting options available, and what’s ideal for one company can be very different than what’s right for another company’s needs. A top hosting provider will work with you to find the best hosting plan for your business by customizing services to suit your needs, rather than trying to slot you into a one-size-fits-all “package.”

Choosing the best hosting plan

best hosting planDetermining the best hosting plan for your business starts with an evaluation of your current needs and projected future demands. Knowing where you stand currently and where your business is headed in the future will guide you and your hosting provider in selecting the best hosting plan for your organization.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is likely the best hosting plan for companies that want to blend robust, scalable support with the capacity to continue overseeing some of their more mission-critical functions. Dedicated hosting enables an organization to lease a server and, unlike a shared hosting environment, retain control of the full capacity of the server. Customizable features,  and maximum speed and reliability make dedicated environments the best hosting plan for many businesses.

Shared hosting

Some companies do not require a full server for their web services needs, leading them towards shared hosting as the best hosting plan, with a characteristic balance  of cost-effectiveness and excellent support. Websites and applications reside on one of the hosting provider’s multi-tenant servers, enabling clients to retain control over their application software, but freeing them from the time-consuming and costly processes of upgrading hardware, deploying firewalls and managing the server. This low-maintenance method may be the best hosting plan for companies on the rise.


For some organizations, the best hosting plan is one that builds on their existing IT assets. Housing company-owned servers in a hosting provider’s data center permits them to build their web applications on a foundation of strengths: uncapped bandwidth, superior network technologies, and enterprise-grade digital and physical security, while retaining full control over computing hardware and operating systems.