ZeroLag to the Rescue: Magento Rescues

ZeroLag - Magento Platinum Hosting PartnerAs I sat at my desk thinking about what my very first Magento blog should be about many topics ran through my mind.  Obviously I am excited to announce that ZeroLag is a brand new Platinum Hosting Partner with Magento so maybe I should speak about that. Other topics that ran through my mind include the effects of various hardware and/or software configurations that optimize Magento.  I mentally listed off about 10 or 12 different blog topics and then inspiration hit me in the form of the phone ringing in the office next to mine.  As I started listening to the conversation it became apparent that my colleague was discussing hosting a Magento eCommerce site with a potential client that had found us through a generic Google search.  I am always fascinated by these types of calls, especially the ones related to Magento, because they always seem to play out the same way.  The question from the potential client is very often the same, how much will it cost me to host my Magento eCommerce website?  This is the ultimate question everyone wants to know but the question ZeroLag wants to answer is slightly different.  We want to answer the question, In order to optimize your Magento eCommerce website and create the best possible user experience how much will it cost to host your site?

When we get any call about hosting, ZeroLag has an extensive process we go through to make sure the price we quote is for the right server and the right configuration but this is even more critical for a resource intensive program like Magento.  The first step in the process is the information gathering phase, contrary to popular belief web hosting is more than pointing at various package levels and prices on a webpage and saying, “I’ll take the number #4 VPS package or the #2 dedicated package.”  This is the exact predicament my colleague faced on the call I was listening to.  He listened intently to the potential client, asked all the right questions and then started discussing potential server solutions.  It became apparent right away that the potential client was comparing our prices for an optimized Magento experience with package prices he had pulled off of a random website.  This website was for a hosting company none of us had ever heard of before and made no reference to having any Magento experience anywhere on the website.  If the client goes with this company it will most likely become a ZeroLag Magento Rescue within the next 30 to 60 days.

At this point you may be wondering what a Magento Rescue is.  A Magento Rescue is when ZeroLag is brought in take over the hosting responsibilities from another company where the optimization and user experience was so bad it affected sales.  ZeroLag prides itself on Magento Rescues and it all starts at the beginning with information gathering and engineering.  We engineer for success which means that while we might show generic packages available on our website the ultimate solution for each individual Magento site is customized.  It also means we have over 5 years of experience optimizing and hosting Magento websites and our Magento specialists are the best in the business.  We recently, received this email from a client after taking over their Magento web hosting, “ZeroLag, I don’t know how you did it but our Magento page speed score has increased from an F to a B!.  I can tell the site is much faster so let’s keep doing whatever you are doing and get us up to an A+.” (Bart Lewis of Joy Ride Motors)

Ultimately what every eCommerce website wants is the ability to engage users so that the experience is seamless and fluid.  This can only happen if the site is engineered properly from the onset.  As I mentioned before, ZeroLag engineers for success and we have specific systems set up to run Magento.  If your web hosting company doesn’t have this Magento experience your eCommerce website will run extremely slow and ZeroLag will continue to lead the way in Magento Rescues.

About ZeroLag

“Lag” is that annoying time gap that keeps your customers waiting for your site to load. Some hosting companies are willing to allow a little lag here and there, but not ZeroLag. By combining high-performance technology with a custom engineering approach, ZeroLag delivers lightning-fast Magento eCommerce hosting solutions that don’t just stop at speed. Every Magento hosting deployment is engineered from the ground up to be scalable and more secure. We look forward to engineering and hosting your Magento-powered business.

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