Why Magento? 5 advantages for e-commerce websites

A look at why Magento has become the web's #1 e-commerce platorm

Why Magento? As an open source platform for e-commerce website development, Magento combines a treasure trove of functionality into a powerful and flexible package. 240,000+ e-commerce sites using Magento have leveraged it to create online stores that have enhanced their brand value, increased customer conversions, and given them a competitive advantage in the fast-moving world of e-commerce.

Here are five reasons why Magento is a smart choice for any organization’s e-commerce website:


1. Out-of-the-box brilliance

In e-commerce, efficiency is everything. As Business 2 Community contributor Mark Tomich noted, compared with other popular open source e-commerce platforms, Magento offers the best out-of-the-box solutions for most any e-commerce challenge.

why Magento is the leading e-commerce platformWhile competing e-commerce platforms can require significant time and energy to get up and running, Magento offers a comprehensive range of standard functionality, plus advanced add-on modules to permit faster deployment of a fully featured e-commerce web site. This is one reason why Magento is so valuable for organizations entering the e-commerce marketplace for the first time.

2. Multi-store capabilities

Many e-commerce platforms only offer support for a single online store, but this is often insufficient to support the needs of a business. This is exactly why Magento offers the ability to run multiple sites, which can be managed through a single admin panel, and make use of shared data such as the product catalog.

3. Customizable features and functionality

Magento’s mature architecture and proven track record of success means that it likely has the built-in features to support whatever a company needs, or an add-on module with the required functionality will be available through the Magento Connect marketplace.  The latest releases of Magento’s Community and Enterprise editions include mobile responsive design, support for Bill Me Later customer financing and better PayPal integration. Magento’s commitment to keeping relevant and up-to-date is just one reason why Magento has become the most popular e-commerce platform, powering one out of every four e-commerce sites.

4. Support for growth and scalability

One reason why Magento continues to pay dividends as organizations grow their e-commerce investment is that it offers myriad features and add-ons beyond the already high-performing core architecture. Some of these are features become available as companies upgrade from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition. An unprecedented level of extensibility is another reason why Magento offers compelling benefits for organizations interested in the future growth of their online stores.

5. Magento hosting partners

Magento offers class-leading front-end development tools, but demands a lot in return where back-end infrastructure is concerned. This is why Magento hosting partners – hosting companies that have been specifically recognized by Magento for their expertise in hosting the platform – are such an important asset for e-commerce operators choosing Magento.

Graphic courtesy aheadWorks