Is it time to upgrade Magento to Enterprise Edition?

Wondering if the time is right to upgrade Magento to Enterprise Edition? While Magento Community Edition offers an incredible set of features — and without licensing fees because it’s open-source — Enterprise Edition takes Magento to the next level. For merchants looking to enhance the capabilities of their their current Magento e-commerce site, or concerned about keeping up with the competition, anytime can be right time to upgrade Magento to Enterprise Enterprise Edition.

Here are three key considerations to keep in mind:

upgrade magento to enterprise

Why upgrade Magento to Enterprise? Think about traffic and revenue.

Magento Enterprise Edition supports higher traffic and more orders per day on the same hosting environment running Magento Community Edition. This translates to a faster, more enjoyable online shopping experience for customers, and the link between e-commerce site performance and improved customer conversion rates is well documented. Merchants who upgrade Magento to Enterprise can rest assured knowing they have taken a giant step towards maximizing the return on investment in their e-commerce site.

Why upgrade Magento to Enterprise? Consider the size of your product catalog.

A merchant with a relatively small online product catalog may be well served by Community Edition. But for companies with a larger product base, it may be more practical to upgrade Magento to Enterprise. Enterprise Edition is designed to support a much larger product catalog — Magento Enterprise can quickly perform incremental re-indexing of the catalog, reducing a once hours-long operation to one that only takes a few minutes.

Why upgrade Magento to Enterprise? Personalize the customer experience.

Magento Enterprise also provides powerful tools equipping merchants to segment customers and create personalized online shopping experiences. Merchants who upgrade to Enterprise Edition can provide purchasing incentives to new customers and present offers to customers based on their geographic location, prior order history, or contents of their shopping cart. These capabilities enable savvy e-commerce operators to amplify the value of every online shopping session for both the customer and merchant.