Sellvana announces public alpha

What you need to know about Sellvana’s public alpha release

Earlier this month, Sellvana announced their public alpha release, which has been over a year in the making. The highly anticipated open source e-commerce platform from former Magento developer, Boris Gurvich is now available to the public.

Hundreds of designers and developers have contributed to the Sellvana e-commerce platform. Key features and functionality highlights include:

Developer tools

  • Visual Layout Editor
  • Marketplace Module Security Screener
  • Easy One-Click Module Installation, Publishing and Upgrading

sellvana e-commerce plaform hostingAdministration tools

  • Highly Customizable Admin Dashboard and Admin Data Grids
  • Simplified Product Variants Management
  • Powerful Dynamic Pricing
  • Real Time Admin Notifications and Updates
  • Improved Multivendor Functionality

Customer experience tools

  • Multi-Coupon Promotions
  • Customer Shopping Assistant
  • Guest Order to Customer Account Merge

Why Sellvana?

We have been following the developments of Sellvana since they received $5 million in seed funding in February, 2014. Here are some of the advantages that the company is promising to online merchants and web developers:

Advantages for online merchants

Sellvana claims that their architecture can reduce development and maintenance costs while making it easier than other platforms to customize and integrate with other tools. Other stated benefits include:

  • High speed even with very large product catalogs
  • Advanced security features
  • Simple integration with social media
  • Quickly modify content without technical resources
  • Integrated SEO feature set
  • Easy to learn and operate

Advantages for developers

Sellvana set out to to reduce developers’ frustrations and eliminate obstacles to make it easier to deliver high quality solutions to clients. Here are some of the promised advantages for developers:

  • Fast development with simplified architecture and built-in debugging
  • Advanced module management
  • Comprehensive security built into the environment
  • Based on a lightweight, powerful framework for enhanced performance
  • Reduced learning curve with simplified coding requirements
  • Easier theme development that is responsive by default

We’ll continue to keep a close eye on developments at Sellvana. If you are interested in exploring what this new platform can do for your e-commerce business, don’t hesitate to contact us.