Managed Magento hosting: 3 key advantages

On-premises hosting falls short of managed Magento hosting benefits

Managed Magento hosting solutions offer back-end infrastructure that successfully supports the front-end power and flexibility of the Magento e-commerce platform. Without proper server and network support, online merchants’ investments in the Magento platform are put at risk. Even an impeccably designed web site will fall short of customer expectations if pages load slowly and the online shopping experience is tedious. In a business where even a one-second delay in page load time has a measurable negative impact on customer conversion rates, high-performance managed Magento hosting is crucial to maximization of e-commerce business potential. Here’s a look at three infrastructure advantages a managed Magento hosting solution offers:

1. Choose managed Magento hosting for customized and scalable solutions

Managed Magento hostingLeading managed Magento hosting providers work closely with online merchants to understand their unique business needs and configure a custom hosting solution to accommodate expected resource requirements, traffic demand, and transaction volume.

A high degree of customization ensures a level of consistently fast and reliable server performance which is exceedingly difficult to achieve in an on-premises hosting environment. Top managed Magento hosting providers can also implement full N+1 redundancy throughout the hosting environment to eliminate all single points of failure. Plus, as business needs invariably change over time, the managed Magento hosting provider can quickly and cost effectively scale the solution up or down as appropriate.

2. Optimized LAMP stack development and management

The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack is the foundation which underpins Magento, but needs careful engineering to provide optimal support. Managed Magento hosting solutions from leading providers typically include highly tuned LAMP stacks that have been specifically developed to deliver maximum performance and reliability when running Magento.

Leading Magento hosting specialists also perform performance monitoring, testing, patching, and other fine-tuning to keep the hosting environment stable and secure. Not only do these services ensure consistent Magento performance, but they eliminate the need for online merchants to invest the hundreds or even thousands of man-hours necessary to develop and maintain their own optimized LAMP stacks.

3. Network and information security

Barely a day passes without a new story about cyber criminals attacking an e-commerce site. Leading providers of managed Magento hosting services deploy multiple layers of digital and physical security to safeguard online merchants’ web sites from cyber threats. These measures include real-time monitoring of network traffic to detect security hazards so immediate action can be taken to neutralize unauthorized access attempts.