Magento shared hosting performance helps etailers compete

Smaller online merchants benefit from Magento shared hosting performance

Magento shared hosting performance is optimal for smaller companies on the fast track to success. In today’s e-commerce landscape, speed, reliability, and engagement are key drivers to e-commerce success with a demanding digital consumer base. Seemingly small aspects of the user experience – a fraction of a second of page loading speed, a streamlined checkout process, or a relevant cross-selling promotion – can speak volumes to the consumer about a merchant’s ability to deliver a smart and satisfying online shopping experience. Magento is a proven platform to build on, and Magento shared hosting performance enables companies to get the most out of a modest e-commerce budget.

Magento shared hosting performance fuels success during off-peak shopping periods

magento shared hosting performanceThe demands of the critical holiday season is a great reason to consider Magento shared hosting performance for your e-commerce site. Magento shared hosting can facilitate the deployment and management of seasonal marketing and selling efforts.

But during the rest of the year, timing and personalization take on even greater importance, as consumers are less caught up in the frenzy of shopping activity that grips them in the last few months of every year. Following up on abandoned shopping carts, offering discounts on previously viewed items, and sending additional gift ideas based on past purchases are cost-effective ways that e-commerce vendors can stimulate additional sales. A Magento shared hosting performance provides access to Magento’s reporting tools and customer insight to help mange these targeted campaigns.

Magento shared hosting performance eliminates shopper pet peeves

Practical Ecommerce contributor Gagan Mehra highlighted the number one pet peeve of online shoppers – slow loading sites. There’s no better way to turn off an eager online customer than a slow and unresponsive site. Magento shared hosting performance ensures maximum performance and reliability from your company’s e-commerce site, giving you the best possible chance to engage with customers and generate more orders.

Illustration courtesy Nokhoog Buchachon