How to ensure Magento security

Evolving cyber threat environment requires vigilant Magento security measures

Magento security issues can quickly derail a company’s e-commerce profitability, but it can be challenging to understand how much security is actually enough to nullify these risks. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and as numerous high-profile data breaches indicate, many organizations that believed they were impervious to attackers didn’t know how mistaken they were until it was already too late.

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce website development, which also means it’s very visible to hackers who develop techniques to attack widely-used services and products in the hope of discovering a shared vulnerability. To mitigate these threats, e-commerce operators should select a specialized Magento hosting provider to ensure comprehensive Magento security.

Why Magento security is a top concern in today’s threat environment

Magento securityAs long as consumer financial data is in play, e-commerce websites will always be attractive targets for hackers. A 2013 Trustwave report found that the retail sector is now the most-commonly attacked industry, with e-commerce attacks surpassing attempted point-of-sale exploits for the first time.

As e-commerce continues to grow and supplant brick and mortar sales, threats will only mount. A recent article from CIO Insight didn’t sugarcoat this trend, calling online retailers “sitting ducks.”

How Magento security can be maximized

Investing in the services of a qualified Magento hosting provider helps e-tailers put Magento security concerns behind them. Leading Magento hosting companies utilize a broad array of technological and physical safeguards tailored to the unique security challenges inherent in a Magento e-commerce environment. Magento security is maintained through 24/7 server, network, and data center protection, featuring hardened and redundant infrastructure and state-of-the-art physical safeguards.

These measures include real-time network monitoring, enterprise-grade managed firewalls, and advanced intrusion detection systems (IDS), all wrapped in a fortress-like facility bristling with security guards, video surveillance cameras, and biometric access controls. Top Magento hosting providers also employ expert IT staff who are available around the clock to proactively identify and neutralize any vulnerabilities, providing a comprehensive Magento security support system that is always working to keep customers and data safe.

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