Magento hosting providers: what to look for

3 critical things to look for in Magento hosting providers

Magento hosting providers offer widely varying levels of support and services, so it’s crucial that online merchants make the right choice in hosting companies. Whether an organization uses the open source Community Edition or the more advanced Enterprise Edition, it’s important to realize that Magento requires carefully designed hosting infrastructure to perform at its best. Keeping e-commerce web sites accessible and functioning reliably is imperative to their continued success, but not all Magento hosting providers offer the level of expertise and support necessary to accomplish this goal.

When it’s time to evaluate Magento hosting providers, here are three considerations to keep in mind.

Magento hosting providers should offer Magento-optimized solutions

Magento hosting providersMany e-commerce hosting providers have a generalized hosting platform which they market as suitable for Magento. Online merchants opting for aggressively priced Magento hosting offers often quickly find they get what they pay for.

In contrast, leading Magento hosting providers carefully optimize every layer of the Magento hosting environment to ensure maximum performance for Magento e-commerce sites. With the documented impact of site performance on conversion rates and customer satisfaction, delivering a fast and enjoyable shopping experience for online customers is critical to success.

Magento hosting providers should understand your web site is mission-critical

Top Magento hosting providers should guarantee at least 99.999 percent (“five-nines”) uptime or better. A hosting provider’s service level agreement (SLA) is a statement about how confident the company is in their services. Online merchants should choose a hosting provider that is committed to maintaining a track record of near-perfect reliability.

Magento hosting providers should be serious about security

E-commerce websites are attractive targets for cyber attacks by criminals who seek the customer financial and personal data sent to and stored on web servers. The best Magento hosting providers offer customized, multi-layered security safeguards, such as real-time networking monitoring, intrusion detection systems (IDS), managed firewalls, and robust physical security like security guards and video surveillance.