Magento e-commerce: who’s using it?

A closer look at Magento; the world's leading e-commerce platform

Magento e-commerce is one of the leading platforms for high-performance online store development, but many merchants still wonder if it’s right for them. As with virtually everything else in the tech industry these days, e-commerce platform development is a crowded field, with many software developers competing for users and trying to carve out a distinct space for their product in the marketplace. Merchants looking for a platform to facilitate cost-effective e-commerce site development and operation may not have the time or resources to conduct an exhaustive survey of all available options. That’s why they typically start with a short list of popular e-commerce platforms and quickly narrow down the candidates to one or two serious contenders. When conducting this type of comparison, it can be very helpful to examine how successful the target platforms have been at attracting and retaining merchants.

magento e-commerceHere are a few quick facts about companies that are currently using Magento e-commerce.

Magento e-commerce: powering a diverse user base

Due to its highly capable feature set and ability to support extensive customization, Magento e-commerce appeals to many different kinds of companies. From household name brands that need to build and maintain large and highly customized online stores, to micro-merchants offering niche products and operating on minimal resources, companies of all sizes have embraced Magento e-commerce as the solution to their challenges. Magento’s informative web site includes a list of some of the more high-profile organizations that utilize Magento e-commerce.

Magento e-commerce adoption statistics

Some hard numbers can help an interested merchant understand how the Magento e-commerce user base really looks. According to Magento, more than 240,000 companies utilize Magento e-commerce, either in its open-source Community Edition or the commercially licensed Enterprise Edition. Additionally, Magento powers more than one-quarter of the e-commerce sites ranking in the Alexa Top 1 million. Magento is by far the world’s dominant e-commerce platform, and with the brisk adoption rate of Magento – 35% annual growth in the number of sites using the platform – it shows no sign of relinquishing its commanding lead over the competition.