Magento B2B e-commerce: two keys to success

Growing number of B2B companies transitioning customers to e-commerce

Magento B2B e-commerce can help companies build an ROI-generating machine for the future. In general, B2B e-commerce is at an interesting crossroads. A recent Forrester survey found that 86 percent of B2B e-commerce firms have transitioned formerly offline purchasers to buying via their online stores. Additionally, 50 percent of B2B enterprises said that they plan to shift their e-commerce technology through new investments or upgrades by mid-2015. Magento B2B e-commerce is likely on many of their shortlists.

Magento B2B e-commerceB2B companies are now investing more heavily in e-commerce than their B2C peers who on average, are farther along the adoption curve. But Forbes contributor Brian Walker noted that e-commerce “still isn’t clicking” with many B2B executives. Part of the issue is awareness – many B2B C-suite members found professional success in the brick-and-mortar era. But the rapidly developing ecosystem of B2B e-commerce will make the margins of holdouts thinner and thinner. Magento B2B e-commerce can help companies quickly build and maintain a robust digital selling presence, if they approach it the right way.

Magento Enterprise Edition

The free, open source Magento Community Edition is the gateway into e-commerce for many companies. For some organizations, it offers a sufficient level of e-commerce site capabilities and manageability. However, larger and more sophisticated businesses often find that the better Magento B2B e-commerce solution is to upgrade to Enterprise Edition. Magento Enterprise Edition offers a suite of tools that can help companies maximize online revenue through increased customer engagement and correspondingly higher conversion rates.

Managed hosting for Magento B2B e-commerce

Magento is a fantastic e-commerce Web platform, but its impressive capabilities come at a price; it is resource-intensive and can be challenging to consistently maintain optimal levels of performance, particularly the sub- 2-second page load times that online shoppers expect. A fully managed, Magento-optimized hosting environment is critical to achieving Magento B2B e-commerce success. A solution engineered specifically for Magento ensures adequate performance, robust security, and worry-free reliability. A Magento hosting providers should also provide 24/7/365 IT support and a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA) to assure online store operators that their investment in e-commerce is fully protected.