Microsoft Exchange hosting: it’s not just about email

Mention Microsoft Exchange hosting and the first thing that comes to mind is email – but it’s so much more than that. Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading business communication and collaboration tool, and has helped millions of companies across all industries build employee productivity ecosystems.

Given the mission-critical role Exchange plays, choosing the optimal foundation to support it is essential. Leading Microsoft Exchange hosting providers offer solutions which eliminate the need for capital-intensive on-premises deployments of Exchange, and bundle access to their Exchange-optimized infrastructure with expert support from system administrators who are qualified and experienced in managing all aspects of Microsoft Exchange hosting environments.

Microsoft Exchange hosting levels the playing field for smaller businesses

microsoft exchange hostingBesides email, Microsoft Exchange provides a full suite of calendaring, collaboration, and contact management functionality. In many cases, smaller companies don’t utilize these tools to their fullest potential, due to incomplete implementation and support from overburdened IT departments.

Quality Microsoft Exchange hosting services fully implement the features and functionality of Exchange, allowing end users unfettered access to all the power of this enterprise-grade collaboration tool. And because server and network infrastructure and support is outsourced to the hosting provider at a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users, even small organizations can enjoy a big-business productivity boost.

Microsoft Exchange hosting plugs security vulnerabilities

In addition to enterprise-grade collaboration and communication capabilities, Microsoft Exchange hosting also provides industrial-strength security protection. Leading Microsoft Exchange hosting specialists deploy security-hardened servers, advanced spam filtering technologies, managed firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and real-time network monitoring to create a multi-layered defense against malicious or accidental activity which could threaten the Exchange environment. Microsoft Exchange hosting providers also offer automated backup and restore capabilities, so if system operation should be interrupted for any reason, data will not be lost, corrupted, or otherwise compromised.