Hosted Exchange solves SMB email security, compliance

Why SMBs look to hosted Exchange to alleviate email system vulnerabilities

Hosted Exchange service can provide small and medium-sized businesses with critical email security and IT support to satisfy compliance mandates. Even though SMBs have smaller networks and user bases than large companies and enterprises, they are frequently subject to the same industry and federal compliance standards as their bigger peers.

hosted Exchange email securityHowever, SMBs often have fewer resources to devote to compliance management. Hackers are aware of smaller companies’ security shortcomings and may launch attacks at what they perceive to be softer targets.

One of their most common ways into a company network is through email. By investing in a hosted Exchange solution, SMBs can obtain the benefits of enterprise-grade security where it is needed most.

How hosted Exchange eliminates security and compliance vulnerabilities

As MSPmentor recently pointed out, email is the most frequently used tool to transmit confidential data. Additionally, it quickly becomes a catch-all storage system, albeit an insecure one.

Many SMBs lack resources sufficient to implement best practices for journaling, archiving, and backup. Over time, this vulnerability becomes a gaping hole in an organization’s ability to comply with regulations or even address concerns quickly in the case of an impending or failed audit. Hosted Exchange services offer journaling, archival, and backup capabilities to protect email data and eliminate issues that can lead to data breaches and consequences of noncompliance.

Hosted Exchange services provide expert support

In many cases, SMBs lack full awareness of security and compliance protocols. A lack of knowledge manifests itself as substandard security and compliance implementation. Hosted Exchange services provide 24/7/365 IT support from qualified Exchange Server experts. Having Exchange professionals on call at all times can help companies maintain compliance with applicable requirements. As compliance standards grow stricter, it is crucial that SMBs deploy the email systems which these times demand.

The hosted Exchange services provider’s support staff also ensures the email system continually operates at peak reliability and performance, to prevent interference with worker productivity.