Hosted Exchange services improve business communication

Migrating to hosted Exchange services helps optimizes staff productivity

Hosted Exchange services can help businesses struggling with communication issues. Email plays a vital role in business collaboration and information sharing – according to a recent survey by V1, 88 percent of IT and finance professionals think that email is the best form of exchanging business information. With paper communication on the way out and a more mobile workforce making real-time interaction over long distances imperative, some organizations struggle to centralize their communications. Hosted Exchange services can help ease this burden.

Hosted Exchange services are necessary for today’s business reality

hosted Exchage servicesHosted Exchange services offer companies support for corporate communications that go beyond just sending messages. Business users increasingly use their email platform to coordinate meetings, manage employee calendars, and share contacts.

Without a well-managed centralized messaging system, there is a lot of room for miscommunication – missing contacts, conference room booking conflicts, and gaps in task assignments can curtail productivity. This is especially true in distributed environments where stakeholders in different locations need to collaborate seamlessly.

Migrating to hosted Exchange services optimizes staff productivity. The collaboration features a hosted Exchange service offers, such as public and shared calendars, a global address list, and task management tools, provide organizations vital communication and teamwork tools through one cost-effective platform.

Hosted Exchange services provide security

Protecting sensitive data is a vital part of any enterprise communication strategy. Because information is rapidly disseminated and shared in most corporate environments, robust real-time safeguards are imperative.

Leading providers of hosted Exchange services utilize security measures that keep data safe in transit and prevent unauthorized access. Anti-spam and anti-virus filtering complement state-of-the-art encryption and firewall technologies to provide a preventative security shield for all business messaging and data sharing. A hosted Exchange services provider should also offer accessible 24/7 IT support to immediately address any problems that may arise. This is critical to ensuring uninterrupted availability of a corporate email system.

Photo courtesy Josh Bancroft