Hosted business email: 4 security benefits

Hosted business email offers enhanced cyber threat protection

Hosted business email enables organizations to rise above the fray of common email security issues. Corporate email systems are a favorite target of hackers seeking usernames and passwords which can be used to penetrate and compromise other critical business information systems, confidential information such as social security numbers and banking info, plus valuable intellectual property and trade secrets. With hosted business email services, companies can take advantage of powerful safeguards to shield their corporate email systems from cyber threats.

Here are four security-related benefits of hosted business email solutions.

hosted business emailHosted business email: firewalls

Leading hosted business email providers offer managed firewalls with advanced threat prevention capabilities. In today’s sophisticated and aggressive threat environment, proactive, preventative protection is more important than ever, and state-of-the-art firewalls are critical to ensure business email system integrity.

Hosted business email: encryption

End-to-end encryption is vital for keeping information safe in transit. A business email system is a complex storage and archival platform that must be backed by robust cryptographic standards. A hosted business email solution offers the latest encryption techniques to ensure that data is protected as it is exchanged between users across networks.

Hosted business email: management and support

Keeping infrastructure updated with the latest security and maintenance patches is critical to maintaining protection against threats. Leading hosted business email providers employ sysadmins and support staff who are trained and qualified in the management and operation of complex business email systems such as Microsoft Exchange Server.

Hosted business email: physical security

It’s also vital to ensure that servers and other infrastructure are effectively safeguarded from physical threats. On-premises safeguards may not be sufficient to protect against unauthorized access that could lead to a security breach, data loss, or a compromised system. Leading providers of hosted business email solutions utilize data centers which are protected by multi-layer physical security measures such as video surveillance, security guards, and biometric access controls.

Illustration courtesy Stuart Miles