Exchange server hosting: dedicated or shared?

Strong data security, other benefits delivered by Exchange server hosting

Exchange server hosting helps companies better manage and protect employee email activity. Email remains one the biggest security threats for many companies, as it’s used ubiquitously and is subject to human error or malice. In many cases, organizations have little oversight capacity to shield employees from bad user practices and keep harmful messages out of inboxes. Data privacy and security measures are critical to insulating organizations from cyber threats as well as keeping them from getting entangled in legal or compliance-related issues. Organizations have many options for Microsoft Exchange server hosting. Depending on the size and needs of its email system, a company can choose either a shared Microsoft Exchange server hosting environment or a dedicated solution.

Shared Exchange server hosting

exchange server hostingShared Exchange server hosting is a good option for smaller companies that need to get enterprise-grade email capabilities without making an enterprise-level investment. In a shared server hosting environment, server resources are shared with other tenants to keep costs down. Advanced storage options such as operational and compliance archival and encryption measures can ensure that all email will be backed up and secured from any external threats. Businesses opting for shared Exchange server hosting benefit from highly available, reliable email infrastructure and 24/7 IT support services at a price point which is accessible for most any company.

Dedicated Exchange server hosting

Dedicated Exchange server hosting services are ideal for companies that have more users and large email stores which exceed the capabilities of a shared Exchange hosting plan. A dedicated Exchange server also offers greater flexibility and reliability. Organizations that are subject to stringent email archiving and privacy requirements will also benefit from the advanced security afforded by a dedicated Exchange server.

No matter which Exchange server hosting selection a company ultimately decides on, it can rest easy knowing that vital business communications are secure, supported, and sufficiently resilient to provide uninterrupted organizational communications in the face of inadvertent or malicious threats.

Illustration courtesy FrameAngel