Exchange hosting facilitates increasingly mobile workforce

BYOD trend drives growing need for Exchange hosting solutions

Exchange hosting can help companies support a workforce that does more than half of their emailing from mobile devices. As BYOD (bring your own device) policies and mobile devices become more common in the workplace, businesses must ensure that staff can connect to secure company networks to access email, at any time and from anywhere. Organizations that lack sufficient infrastructure for email storage and full support for mobile devices are creating obstacles to team communication, collaboration, and productivity. Opting for outsourced Exchange hosting provides state-of-the-art support for email communications for organizations of all sizes.

exchange hostingAccording to email marketing firm Yesmail, in the fourth quarter of 2013, more than half of all emails opened were accessed on a mobile device. This figure is representative of a dramatic shift away from a desktop-centric approach to email-based communication.

Email is a vital link between team members which facilitates collaboration and transcends boundaries of time and geography. As such, it should receive top priority for security, access, and vigilant management. Exchange hosting can help ensure corporate email systems are maintained at peak operating effectiveness.

Exchange hosting keeps lines of communication open

Timely communication is on of the strengths of email. However, keeping mobile device users connected to conversations can pose challenges. An Exchange hosting solution ensures maximum access for mobile devices, including support for scheduling and contact management features. With high-performance storage and the capacity to support large attachments, network bandwidth or file size issues will not impede communication. Exchange hosting helps preserve unfettered communication so critical to success in today’s business environment.

Exchange hosting supports security and compliance

Privacy, continuity, and compliance are issues frequently raised in any discussion of mobile device use in the workplace. Automatic backup, advanced archiving, and robust encryption are capabilities provided by Exchange hosting solutions, ensuring that email is securely stored and protected from unauthorized access. Exchange hosting helps insulate organizations from legal, financial, or regulatory pitfalls related to the use of email.

Illustration courtesy sippakorn